Opportunities For Disadvantaged Children


Opportunities For Disadvantaged Children

Moviestorm has many beneficial elements for the classroom and theres no better example than Mark Fulcher’s.

After hearing that one of the students in his wifes class has a lot of trouble presenting work in front of his classmates due to autism. He decided to make a moviestorm movie for his report instead. All the student had to do was record his report into a microphone, then a character is created in his image to represent him in video form. The topic of his work was ‘The origin of rock and roll’.

I just got word yesterday… my student friend got an A+ (perfect grade) for his report! Moviestorm was a great asset for giving the report. Thanks Moviestorm!

“Getting up in front of a group of his peers to deliver a report was going to be a task for both presenter and audience. I had him set up a recorder and read his report several times till we had enough material for a decent take all the way through. He gave me directions on where he wanted some samples of his topic..” Mark

After creating the movie, the student was “tickled pink” with the results and it gave him the chance to show his work with pride despite having a problem with presentation. With excellent results.

Its a great story and a great example of how moviestorm is a tool that can give disadvantaged students a leg up and allow them to learn and enjoy learning equally and without handicap.