Release 9

Update (a)

  • More improvements to the Sketch tool:
    • If you draw a polygon on a face, that will now cut a hole in the face
    • If you extrude a face through a shape to the other side so that it cuts an opposing face, that will cut a tunnel through the shape.
    • If you draw a line between edges on a face, that will now cut the face on the line which can then be dragged or extruded.
  • When you drag a face, the touchpad menu lets you extrude a face, inset a face or scale a face
  • Snap controls, vertex lock and right angle drawing have been moved to settings on the Wrist Pad
  • There is a window asset which when placed in a sketch will cut a box to hold it.
  • Improvements to the Paint tool:
    • The Palette has been reworked and is now on the WristPad
    • There is now a Fill mode as well as the Airbrush: this paints a whole face with a material such as brick
    • When using a Material Fill, you can drag the material and orient it and scale it on the face.
  • New asset for simple lighting (under Light tag)
  • New Lighting Controls on the WristPad
  • In many places the grip button now acts like a toggle (easier than keeping it held down)
  • When moving a thing, click the grip to toggle between keeping it vertical or free orientation
  • When dragging a face in a sketch, clicking the grip cycles through keeping it parallel, 15 degree snaps or completely free
  • Caronte assets can now be controlled from the Timeline.
  • Many improvements to Undo/Redo but still work-in-progress
  • Tweaks to movement heuristics for deteriming scale/move/turn/climb

Update (b)

  • Fix for saving/loading certain scene elements.
  • Fix for spectator cam getting confused when a camera is added to the scene.
  • Fix for drawing from vertex to vertex to cut a face
  • Fix for color picker (missing shaders)
  • Movement up/down now happens in steps of 0.5m.
  • Navigator: trigger now acts as a secondary grabber instead of dragging the world.
  • Lighting panel shows marker colors for lights & light asset shows its marker color.
  • Asset instances should now be correctly numbered.
  • Most doors and windows should now cut their own box in a wall.

Update (c)

  • Tab key can be used to change between 3rd person and 1st person spectator views.
  • Office UI brought onto screen window.
  • Some fixes to Undo/Redo when moving things.

Update (d)

  • Fix for motion capture (was accidentally disabled)

Update (e)

  • Fix: Corridor and Old Town scenes had been accidentally disabled.
  • Fix: Office did not get loaded correctly on 2nd visit.
  • Spectator view in the Office has a fixed viewpoint.
  • The controllers in the office have a “drumstick” on them to make the keyboard easier to use.
  • The keyboard can now be moved: put your hand in it and pull the trigger to grab – use both hands to scale it.
  • Keyboard keys now flash yellow when hit and deliver a haptic pulse for feedback.
  • The range of the UI pointer has been limited (25cm) to reduce accidental interactions.
  • Desktop UI can be hidden when in the Office (top right corner toggle).
  • “Grip” movement controls now work in the Office.
  • The Wristpad has been re-organised but it is still Work-In-Progress.
  • Fix: Selecting the Lighting Controls the first time no longer changes the sun light to green.

Update (f)

  • Fix for issue when first logging into a clean install of First Stage
  • Fix: Corridor really should be working now!
  • The keyboard in the Office is now moved by the ends of the mallets not the hands.

Update (g)

  • Fix: Camera Monitor should now find a camera. Cycle through them by pressing the camera button repeatedly.
  • Fix: scene should no longer appear…