Release 8

Update (a)

  • Improved behaviour when placing assets and snapping to floor and touching objects
  • New handles for precise movement and rotation of a thing
  • Improvements to the Sketch tool:
    • Wireframe shows when geometry can be manipulated
    • When pulling faces, there is now a default 15 degree snap which can be overriden with the grip button.
    • When pulling a face, you can also choose to move the vertices of the face not just the plane
  • When pulling a face, you can extrude that face to create new geometry.
  • Sketches can be moved by using the handle selector on the Grabber tool.
  • New procedural “Lathe” object allowing interesting surfaces of revolution to be created
  • New procedural “Stairs” object which keeps the step height constant and changes number of steps with height
  • Select tool now uses a “sphere” select method.
  • Selected objects can be moved, deleted or cloned as a group.
  • The Duplicator now includes a Grid clone mode
  • New movement controls using both grip buttons allowing move, climb and turn as well as scale.

Update (b)

  • Fixed issue with Sketch tool not working due to missing shader.