Release 7

Update (a)

  • Rokoko Smartsuit is now supported – if a suit is connected it will be used when the user “Takes Control” of a puppet (otherwise the VRIK fallback will be used).
  • IK based animation has been greatly improved including support for animating the pivot (root) position – shown as a cube between the character’s feet.
  • Timeline is now available on the wrist.
  • Characters should follow paths more accurately and recover back to the path if knocked off.
  • New camera steering controls.

Update (b)

  • Fixed: Path for IK handles (other than Pivot) didn’t show
  • When Pivot IK handle is moved, Grounder IK is disabled preventing puppet from snapping back to ground
  • Camera TTL now shows the view from the camera blurred as background

Update (c)

  • Camera pan & tilt now work by dragging instead of twisting – see if that is more natural.
  • Roll (Dutch tilt) now goes the other way – you twist the camera not the scene.
  • When dragging a control the touchpad is now a reset button that restores position, pan & tilt to when you started dragging. Roll is always reset to horizontal.
  • Fixed: trying to move the camera after scrubbing through a keyframe sequence failed – should now work.
  • Fixed: Lighting in Corridor scene was broken (inmcompatible with current version)
  • Fixed: Smartsuit would only work in the Empty Stage as the receiver was not added to other scenes.