Release 6

Update (a)

  • In the Office, you can now filter scenes by author.
  • The Time Tool now includes a Jog function for replaying the scene forward/back
  • IK poses can now be animated.
  • New mode for working with cameras: Through The Lens
  • Early but incomplete implementation of shot blending and camera keyframes
  • New ‘wrist-back’ location for the camera monitor – Camera Tool removed from Tools menu

Update (b)

  • Fixed: issue where leaving TTL mode for a Camera that has been saved & loaded results in black screen.
  • Camera Shots are now saved with the scene
  • Fixed: user scaling (both grips) wasn’t working

Update (c)

  • Fixed: issue scrubbing between camera keyframes
  • Can now quit Puppet Mocap mode – either menu button
  • Improved picking of things

Update (d)

  • Corridor scene for ArxAnima

Update (e)

  • Zoom now happens in steps and with blinks for comfort.

Update (f)

  • Airbrush fixed for demo
  • Issue with saving scenes fixed, but background save currently disabled.