Release 22

New Console Room

  • We now have a much more stylish console room that replaces the old Office that you used to start in.
  • This is also used when browsing for assets and when working Through The Lens with cameras.

Introduction Tutorial

  • When you first start on set, you are now offered a tutorial which will take you through:
    • Familiarising yourself with the controllers
      • Moving around the set
    • Selecting and placing assets
    • Capturing mocap performances
    • Using the WristPad
    • Using the Timeline
    • Creating and working with cameras
  • More tutorials will be added soon!

Hints & Tips

  • As we work through our beta phase, we’re scrabbling to get the documentation together and update several years of stale tutorials – most of which is available via the web browser on your WristPad. But who wants to read documentation anyway? To help you while you’re working, we are adding a lot of hints and tips in context.


  • A lot of stalls when working collaboratively have been eliminated.
  • Many cases where cutting holes in shapes would lead to broken geometry have been fixed.