Release 21

Closed Beta Launch!

  • Many fixes and a lot of clean up and polishing since the end of the first.stage project…

New Repository

  • The asset and content repository used for the duration of the first.stage project has now been retired.
  • The new repository has been primed with a variety of assets from the Unity Asset Store and includes new stages:
    • Office And Police Station
    • Suburban House (interior)
    • Suburban Neighborhood (exterior)
  • A wide variety of domestic and office assets are also available for you to dress your sets with.
  • New character models available.

SteamVR Support

  • First Stage now uses the SteamVR Interaction System and supports the Valve Index controller as well as Vive wands. Support for Oculus Rift will be available soon.
  • In First Person Mocap mode, your character’s fingers will now follow the buttons, grip and trigger on your controller.
  • Some Held Props can now be used: for example a gun can be picked up and fired.