Release 14

Update (a)

  • Major improvements to motion capture
    • Timeline now has the notion of an activity inspector or editor: click on the activity to reveal it.
    • The editor for motion capture activities includes a widget to mask which body parts the performance will drive.
    • The mocap editor also allows warp markers to be set which limit the effect of a path or time warp.
    • Grabbing the puppet body during a mocap clip allows you to adjust the body path.
    • Grabbing an IK handle during a mocap clip allows you to retarget hands and feet.
    • The mocap editor also allows you to adjust the speed of a warp segment.
    • Mocap data is stored separately to the scene to avoid unnecessary network traffic. Previously, long sessions could exceed the storage quota for a scene.
  • Cameras now can have a look at target from inside the Camera TTL view you can set a focus and look at target by pointing at the screen and pressing the thumbpad
  • Depth of Field is now supported on cameras – the bokeh effect is not large by default to keep post processing from impacting on performance.
  • You can now choose a post processing profile for a camera allowing colour grading, bloom and other effects.
  • You can adjust the aperture of the camera (and focus distance if no target) from the slider controls
  • You can create a new post processing profile in the Unity Editor and then import it to the repository
  • You can now import Textures for use as lighting gobos/cookies – just tag them with “Gobo”
  • The WristPad will remain open if you look away while dragging items on it.
  • Small improvements to HUD messages such as “Recording‚Ķ”
  • Major overhaul of the UI event system should make working with 2D interfaces easier
  • Improved pointer beams
  • Controllers are now stabilised
  • Should be easier to drag UI items such as activities on timeline
  • Fixed various bugs where UI pointer would be unexpectedly blocked
  • Clicks only require a partial trigger press and have haptic feedback
  • When inside the Asset Browser or Camera TTL the background is now flattened
  • The asset browser now hides assets marked with the “broken” tag.

Update (b)

  • Fix for issue with UI dropdowns and overlays in VR
  • Fix for issue when asset browser would not show when menu buttons pressed

Update (c)

  • Linz theatre now has revolving stages (prototype)
  • Turn the stage by grabbing it and then using the radial menu left & right buttons
  • Stages currently turn at 6 RPM
  • Currently changes in the orientation of the stages is not recorded
  • Now automatically parent things when placed on another thing (e.g. a turntable).
  • Sketches also parent to the thing they are drawn on.
  • Also walk path waypoints.
  • Fix for some issues when loading scenes from before R14.
  • Fix for issue when using the Office in VR to create a scene.
  • When sketching on a surface, points should be more precisely on that surface.

Update (d)

  • Upgraded to Unity 2018.3.5 for bug fix for particle effects.
  • Fixed an issue where sketches can lose geometry when saved.
  • Sketch scale handles should now match the current bounds of the sketch.
  • Sketch measurements now include corner angles.
  • Fix for crash that occurred when scaling a thing sitting on (parented to) something that has been scaled.
  • Fix for issue when manipulating a thing sitting on a scaled thing.
  • Fix for issue where an asset would get stuck to the controller if clicked on in the browser (instead of press and hold): an extra click will now release it.
  • You can now copy your scene to a different project.
  • Fixed lots of exceptions thrown when going back to the Office

Update (e)

  • Added missing colliders in Linz Theater – can now walk on stage again.
  • “Symbols” key on VR Keyboard now toggles between symbols and letters.
  • Timeline can now be resized by dragging the zoom button left and right as well as up and down.
  • Timetool record button now shows a different icon to stop recording.
  • Improved sizes of assets in browser.
  • Wristpad won’t appear when a tool is being used on that controller.
  • Fix for desktop UI not starting correctly.

Update (f)

  • Fix for camera sequences failing to load.
  • Selected camera on wristpad now runs at full framerate.

Update (g)

  • Fix when asset browsing for controller losing left/right buttons on 2nd visit
  • Fix for crash with some scenes.
  • Forced quality settings to fantastic.