Release 13

Update (a)

  • New server backend – hopefully all you will notice is the server doesn’t crash so often!
  • New Office UI: scenes now belong to projects.
  • You should have an initial project with your name holding all previous scenes you had created
  • You should also have a First Stage project for sharing scenes
  • You can create new projects and invite users to join them.
  • Reworked WristPad with a tablet style home screen.
  • New Preferences pane on WristPad allows setting of movement comfort options.
  • Fix for first stage becoming very slow after using the Camera TTL view.
  • You can now move around the set using one hand grip instead of a two hand gesture – scale & turn still need two hands.
  • New documentation website (still very incomplete work in progress) can be found from the WristPad or by saying “Help”.
  • The documentation can also be found via a normal browser:

Update (b)

  • New Office UI should now work fine in VR – Keyboard works with Create Project dialog etc.
  • Scenes prior to June 2018 have been deleted: incompatibility issues stopped listing scenes in personal project.
  • Fixed issue with dragging cameras.

Update (c)

  • Assets are now loaded in the background in the browser. This should reduce stalls sending you to limbo. While loading there is a placeholder object.
  • Improvements to Office UI – should make it easier to follow
  • You can now make a Copy of a Scene from the Office UI.
  • WristPad now has a toggle button underneath it to take you between the home screen and selected screen.
  • Improved Theater stage: added missing colliders to stage elements such as “Hub Podien” so placing things on them should snap properly.
  • Scaffold Grid now shows properly and can be sketched on again.
  • Filling sketch faces with materials should now work properly.
  • Fixed issue where a second camera would move on top of the first camera.

Update (d)

  • New Beam Light with volumetric light beam
  • New Fire FX assets