Release 12

Update (a)

  • Rigid animation:
  • Select the Time Tool and then point at a thing and grab with the trigger to record some motion
  • The path can be editted afterwards using the Grab Tool
  • Puppets can now be placed on things (e.g. Lottie on the trampoline)
  • The WristPad now includes a Web Browser (Chromium).
    Initially this is just used to show a Quick Reference Guide but more soon…
  • Mocap from Rokoko Smartsuits can now be managed from the WristPad:
  • Assign a suit directly to a puppet without VR control
  • Calibrate a suit
  • Fixed issue with Multi Select getting stuck
  • Fixed issue when grabbing a scaled object and the pivot point jumped.
  • Fixed direction of tilt control in camera TTL view.
  • Fixed: changing the FOV of a camera now records a keyframe
  • Fixed issue with calibrating Smartsuit against a puppet (was using bind pose instead of t-pose).
  • Fixed issue when replaying a puppet’s walk and the puppet did not animate
  • Fixed layout issue with lights on the Wristpad
  • The Lighting Controls will now show the last light moved

Update (b)

  • Speech recognition has been re-enabled (oops)
  • Say “Help” to summon a floating browser
  • You can now animate an IK handle with the Time Tool (as with a rigid body)
  • Support for asset bundles built for a specific platform (iOS or Win64)
  • Architecture support for Obi Cloth dynamics
  • Deleting a character should now clean up all paths, start/end handles etc.

Update (c)

  • Calibrate button on Mocap Controls is now enabled when a puppet is assigned.
  • Mocap Controls have a record arm flag to control whether the puppet shows live/replay
  • The Rokoko Smartsuit Studio should now be running at the same time with forwarding enabled to port 14043
  • This allows use of the filters such as Locomotion from the Studio
  • Lighting controls can now be keyframed like cameras – just change either intensity or spot angle while record is armed.
  • Fixed issue with character sometimes spinning on a waypoint

Update (d)

  • Mocap is now applied to a proxy skeleton and then retargetted to the puppet skeleton. (Default body shape only)
  • Mocap armed flag is cleared when recorded mocap is played back – can be reset from WristPad.
  • You can now set a keyframe on a camera just by moving it (with the Hand tool)
  • Time Tool can now animate selected groups of things at the same time
  • Drawing a shape on an uneven floor will now make it exactly vertical.
  • Fixed issue where the Airbrush did not reset after using “Wallpaper” mode
  • Fixed issue when deleting something with rigid animation
  • Fixed issue with menu button sending a commit message to currently selected UI element

Update (e)

  • Fixed rotation compensation on performer that was causing problems with hip bends.
  • If a broken asset bundle is found in the cache, it will now be deleted and re-downloaded.
  • Lighting panel no longer resets current light when WristPad hides/reappears
  • Fixed issue with cameras showing up in the wrong place in the Asset Browser
  • Reset scene on load to ensure cameras reflect keyframes

Update (f)

  • Reduced framerate for rendering cameras that are just being monitored – should improve performance with lots of cameras
  • Fixed issue with camera focal length being reset in the Camera Sequencer view.
  • Fixed issue where entering TTL mode would reset focal length and set a rogue keyframe.
  • Fixed issue when trying to assign one of several suits to a puppet.

Update (g)

  • Fixed issue where scale would reset after using the scale handles and moving the timeline.