Release 11

Camera Sequencer:

  • Desktop window now shows the camera sequencer – can be dismissed with top right button.
  • Select from the available cameras and create camera clips on the time line with “Cut To” button.
  • Clips can be trimmed/revealed/deleted
  • Monitor shows the sequenced output
  • Currently only linear edits supported
  • Export to VP9 lossless video (in user Videos folder)
  • Import video/audio as a guide track
  • Keys Ctrl-S, Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-Y, Space can be used for Save, Undo, Redo and Play/Stop

Character walk paths have been improved:

  • Characters can stop and then walk some more – grabbing the path arrow head handle now creates a new segment
  • Characters can now stop at a waypoint
  • Waypoints can now be deleted
  • Waypoints now also record a speed change (controlled via +/- on the radial menu) allowing walk & run
  • Stages can be imported into the repository – e.g., the backyard & canyon stages from ArxAnima
  • Light brightness can be automated by setting the ‘record arm’ flag on the light in the lighting controls.
    While ‘record arm’ is enabled, any changes to the light brightness while recording will be recorded to the timeline.