Pitch your movies


Pitch your movies

The traditional way to get people interested in your movies is to show them your script – which usually ends up, unread, on the slush pile.

If you’re going to compete, you need to make yourself stand out. Having something to show could make the difference.


Video conveys far more than words alone, and in just a few minutes, people can tell whether they like your style as well as the story and the characters. 

Even if you’re not looking for traditional funding, having a video can be useful. Use it to get potential cast and crew interested, or to intrigue people on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. You needn’t just target potential backers; if you put something up on YouTube, you’ll gauge early reactions from your intended audience. That’ll help you get a feeling for whether the movie’s going to work out – and it can also help convince people that they’re backing a winner.


Getting the best from Moviestorm

You have three main approaches: make a trailer, make an excerpt, or make the whole movie.

Making the whole movie is time-consuming, but it demonstrates that you’ve already done a lot of the pre-production, and you can utilise the same video as a previsualization tool to save money in production and post-production. However, this may involve more work than you want to put in, and few people are prepared to watch a full-length rough animation. Shooting key scenes or the opening few minutes may be more effective; all you have to do is intrigue your viewers, and leave them wanting to see the whole thing made properly.

This is one occasion where you don’t want to skimp on quality. If your pitch is too rough, people will expect the same from your finished movie. If you use Moviestorm well, people will accept that you’re only using the equivalent of a sketching tool, but you need to demonstrate that you are proficient with it. Make sure you have Moviestorm on its maximum quality settings, and spend time setting up great shots with good lighting, excellent sound, and well-chosen voice actors. If necessary, enhance your Moviestorm footage with effects from third party tools such as After Effects and produce a final high quality edit in Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

If you’re feeling slightly cheeky, you can use Moviestorm’s character creation tools to put well-known people into your movie. You may not be able to afford the real Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, but you’ll certainly fire people’s imagination by showing them what it would look like if you could!