Create an epic sci-fi animated series


Filmmaker Case Study – Create an epic sci-fi animated series

Damien Valentine is a long-term machinimator. He is the creator of the the Chronicles of Humanity series, working with Felicia Day

See his Chronicles of Humanity website here


“Chronicles of Humanity was originally made with The Sims and I was never truly happy with that version, so I thought about switching to Moviestorm for season two. But I was so impressed by Moviestorm’s capabilities when seeing what I could do, I decided to go back and remake the whole thing.”

“I’ve been making Machinima since 2004, but it wasnt until 2009 that I started using Moviestorm and I made Alone.

Most of my time goes towards film making to some degree, even if I’m not actually making a film directly, I’m always thinking of ideas of how to improve what I’m working on. I take an iPod around with me so if I get any ideas I can make a note of them.



Watch ‘Chronicles of Humanity: Descent’ trailer by Darth Angelus


Chronicles of Humanity Descent.jpg

I started with Alone which was inspired by the original Alien film. It was back when I was in school, we had to write a short horror story for Halloween, so when I started looking at Moviestorm I thought, I want to make a film out of that story.

Chronicles of Humanity was originally made in The Sims as my final project for university, but I was never really happy with the way that turned out.

I wanted to remake it in Moviestorm and in a way that I was very happy with. I’ve just finished doing that, and I’m going to start releasing the episodes around Easter.

Infact the website has recently gone live, with a lot more material being put on there.” (See the Chronicles of Humanity website here).

Moviestorm enabled me to start film making on a wider level, because you can move the camera around, change the facial features and you have more control over the animations, which you didn’t have before with games.

Chronicles of Humanity ship.jpg

“You also get a huge improvement over the visuals. For example, the space footage in Chronicles of Humanity where the space ship is flying around, I’ve always been interested in sci fi films and TV shows so being able to design my own spaceships, figuring out how to make them move and have big battles – doing all that myself was a huge thing for me.I think people are going to be suprised when they see it because I don’t think anyone has done any space battles like that in Moviestorm before.

A friend of mine, Kim Genly, has set up a website for role playing practice, and she’s asked me to make some videos to help promote it, so we’re going to have a sci-fi videos and some short parody videos. (See Kim Genly’s website here). I’m already thinking about ideas for more Chronicles of Humanity.

Moviestorm allows you to do everything yourself, rather than rely on what is there already.



Watch ‘Chronicles of Humanity:Uprising’ trailer

Or go to the Chronicles of Humanity website and see them all