Create a children’s animated DVD series


Filmmaker Case Study – Create a children’s animated DVD series

Blockhouse TV are an independent TV production studio in Norwich, UK


Husband and wife Jezz and Julianne Wright have 15 years experience of TV production at senior level, but have recently had to step back in order to care for their own young children.

They founded their own studio, but needed something that they could do on a limited budget with minimal staff.

Their first production, Jack and Holly, is a DVD series for pre-school children. The first one is Jack and Holly’s Christmas Countdown, which includes ten short episodes and some extras.

See the Jack and Holly website here.

They’re educational and entertaining, blending live action segments with animation. Some of that animation was done in Moviestorm.

“Moviestorm gave us the ability to create professional animations at a fraction of the costs.'” says Blockhouse lead animator Graham Jones.

Before we discovered the power and flexibility of Moviestorm we were in ‘render hell’ with an ever increasing overdraft and immense frustration.

“Once you embrace the capabilities whilst accepting the limitations of Moviestorm, it’s easy to square the circle in terms of producing broadcast quality footage. All it takes is some careful editing and grading of the rendered footage in a programme like Apple’s Final Cut and Motion programmes, and you’ve achieved your objective in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the costs!

Creator Jezz Wright says “Moviestorm is a fantastic program for a small business like ours, especially when the investment is minimal. We’re able to create fantastic situations without a large budget. Moviestorm is easier to use than other software, and you get results straight away.”

Jezz also explains that for children’s animation, it would be great to have some more cartoon based or 3D avatars. 

“Our target audience is ages 2-6, and they absolutely love it, especially the sets and the style of animation. It is great for parents, as the software and style of animation is much like The Sims, so this gives something that parents can relate to.”

jack and holly 1.jpg

jack and holly 2.jpg

Jezz claims due to the massive positive response to Jack and Holly, their second production, Jack and Holly’s Space Stories, is due out on DVD or to download in October 2011.

“In terms of the future, we want to be the first company to produce a 3D Machinima movie, when Moviestorm releases it’s 3D software. We’d like to create the movie on a limited budget, and Moviestorm allows us to do this. We’d love to make this for young children, to show that it can be done.”

Blockhouse lead animator Graham Jones says “We just wouldn’t go anywhere else now.  As Moviestorm develops – so do we.”