Pitch films and create showreels


Filmmaker Case Study – Pitch films and create showreels

Dean Wells is a scriptwriter and effects artist, who uses Moviestorm to help pitch films and create showreels.

Dean (aka scripter) is a scriptwriter living in London, who writes both short and feature length films for the British and American markets.


“I nurtured my craft through Dick Sussman, (Screenwriter/Author), and David Kohner Zuckerman (Screenwriter/Producer). I have spent a brief spell reading for Erin Chapman, a literary agent at Award Winning Screenwriters, and I have written extensively for various production companies and film organizations such as RedHammer Films, S.E.F.A and Westminster Film Academy.

Moviestorm, in my opinion, is without doubt the best for price. To have a programme to learn from which contains many, many, addons, is absolutely superb! It can be used for short films, features, learning tools, ads, music videos, trailers, the list goes on.

Dean took up animation as a hobby a short while ago and taught himself to use Moviestorm and Adobe After Effects. He blends them together remarkably effectively to create these amazing sequences, including sci-fi morphs, car chases, huge cityscapes and stylish fight scenes.

His animation reel from last year integrates Moviestorm with other software packages to create short and exciting film clips – showing how Moviestorm can be integrated with other software to almost limitless possibilities.

Recently, Dean has been working on trailers. “I’ve got some really exciting stuff to do, but it takes a lot of time to do them. I want to create every trailer that I can, and I can do this with ease in terms of having the software to do it, especially with Moviestorm. I’m using Moviestorm and DAZ3D, whose sets look great, but I do prefer the Moviestorm character’s views.

My main goal at the moment is to create a very visual film for the festival circuit, hopefully having some help from Moviestorm members. I’ve never entered any of my animation projects into competitions so I’d love to try and do something special.

One of the main problems Dean faced as a screenwriter and filmmaker in general, was to find or create good quality voiceovers which are consistent throughout.

“I want to do stuff now to enter into film festivals and short films, to see whether I could start going up a peg or two, but I need good voiceovers to do that. I would love it if we had selective teams on Moviestorm that consisted of members that all had the same or very similiar microphone qualities. Let’s face it, there are some fantastic actors on Moviestorm and we’ve all heard them.”

Dean has also used mods from other users and has used post-production techniques to add special effects to his movies. His BOOM (early experiments) video below is an excellent example of how collaboration between users works, and integration of Moviestorm with other software.


Watch the ‘Transmission’ Preview by Ed Lie

Or watch the full film – Transmission

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We have a collaboration forum which is a helpful place to look for people to work with in terms of Moviestorm projects, for example voice actors. Equally, if you want to suggest actors or ideas, feel free.

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