Make movies on zero budget


Make movies on zero budget

If you’ve ever dreamed of making movies, then Moviestorm’s a great place to start. It’s fast, easy, and affordable.

Better still, with Moviestorm, you can make the kind of movies that would normally be far too expensive for most amateurs.


Huge casts, exotic locations, explosive action sequences, aerial cameras – none of these are a problem for Moviestorm directors. Just build what you need on your computer, and make the magic happen! Alien spacecraft landing at the South Pole or on the White House lawn? Car chases and gun battles through the streets of Paris? Epic stage shows? You can do all of these, and more.

Whatever kind of movie you want to make, Moviestorm gives you what you need. It includes a huge selection of customisable costumes, characters, sets, props, animations, and sounds to suit everything from drama, comedy and horror to music videos, video blogs or animated greeting cards. If what you want isn’t there, you can create your own with Moviestorm’s modding tools.

Moviestorm is a complete movie production tool. You don’t need anything else. With Moviestorm, you get everything you need to make your sets, create your cast, direct the action, record the dialog, film and edit it, add visual effects, titles and credits, render your finished movie, and upload it to the Internet. If you want to go further, you can work with your existing movie-making and creative tools such as Celtx, Audacity, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, or After Effects.

Whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced filmmaker, Moviestorm is for you.


Getting the best from Moviestorm

Before you start, take the time to get familiar with what you’ve got to work with, and work around that. If you’re going to need mods, that’s something you need to know as early as possible; you can then decide whether you can get them from somewhere else, make them yourself, or rewrite your script.

Be honest about your own strengths and weaknesses. If you need help, ask for it. You’ll find you can do a lot more with a cast of voice actors than you can on your own.

Most importantly, though, keep challenging yourself. Don’t be afraid to try out new techniques or develop your own unique style. Movie-making takes practice, and you’ll inevitably make mistakes along the way. Fortunately, Moviestorm’s quick and easy approach means that you can afford to make those mistakes, then go back and try again. Just persevere, and give your creativity the chance to blossom.