Join a creative community


Join a creative community

Making a movie usually takes the combined talents of many different people. Moviestorm is unusual in that you can, if you want, do it all yourself.

If you’re the only person you know who has a passion for making movies, that’s great. You no longer have to worry about trying to persuade friends and family to help you out – just start making the movies you want to make.

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However, working completely alone can get discouraging. There are times when you need help, advice, or just other like-minded people to talk to. That’s where Moviestorm’s lively community can help out. You can find collaborators, discuss your ideas and get feedback on your work in progress, or learn new techniques.

Once you connect with people who understand movies the same way you do, you’ll not only find you can do far more than you expected, but you’ll make friends and maybe even a few fans!

Getting the best from Moviestorm

Moviestorm’s forums are the easiest and quickest way to meet new people. Don’t be shy: the more open you are with your ideas, the more you’ll find people wanting to work with you. Be ready to accept criticism, though. People will make comments and suggestions, and you won’t always agree with them, but take them in the spirit they’re meant.

Use the collaboration forum to find people to work with; voice actors, modders, musicians, and so on. However, be prepared to give before you get – expect to help a few other people out before they help you. The more you tell your potential collaborators about what you’re doing, the easier it will be to get them interested. “I’m looking for voice actors for my new movie” isn’t nearly as effective as “I’m making a 20-minute thriller set in post-apocalyptic New York with a tough-talking Afro-American heroine who’s trying to find her missing ex-boyfriend, and I need someone with a really strong voice to take the lead role as well as people for several other major and minor parts. Here’s the script.”