Create a voice showreel


Create a voice showreel

With the rise of both low-budget and high-end animation, video games, audiobooks and podcasting, there is more and more demand for voice acting talent.

You can make yourself stand out with a showreel showing how your voice works with a range of animated characters.

You can quickly build up a portfolio of voice work by offering your services to low-budget or amateur animators. Contact one of the many online forums looking for acting talent: Moviestorm has a collaboration forum specifically for this.

Alternatively, you can quickly build up your own portfolio showcasing what you can do. Record short pieces using as many different accents and emotions as you can, with a selection of different characters, and then create appropriate clips. When you combine them, it’s an easy way for anyone to see what you are capable of: a scientist passionate about their work, a tough but sympathetic military officer, a nightclub bouncer with a sense of humor, or a jilted, despairing lover.


Getting the best from Moviestorm

Keep your clips short, and focus on the dialog.  You don’t need to film complex scenes: simple speeches to camera or to a non-speaking character are often sufficient unless you’re portraying an action character. Do spend time on emotions and gestures, as this will really enhance your vocal performance.

Most importantly, remember to include your contact details on your showreel so that you can pass it around to people!