Filmmaker Benefits

A simple to use end-to-end video production tool, that offers a huge number of benefits to all levels of filmmaker.

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Previsualize your live action shoots

Use Moviestorm to generate rough versions of your movie that do more than any conventional storyboard, including camera moves, lighting, and sound. Save money on set, and save time in post-production.

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Develop visual storytelling skills

Moviestorm simplifies the filmmaking process so you can concentrate on telling your story. Spend your time planning, shooting and editing, not wrestling with complex animation and 3D modelling. By taking control of the whole movie from start to finish, you develop a deeper appreciation for how all the different elements work together.

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Build up your portfolio

Assemble a collection of movies and clips that show what you can do. Demonstrate your understanding and appreciation of what’s involved in making different types of film, and show your familiarity with many different parts of the film process. Moviestorm enables you to build up a large portfolio even if you are working primarily solo.

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Pitch your movies

Impress potential investors, partners, studios and audiences with a rough cut of your movie that clearly shows your vision better than a script ever can. A short trailer or even a complete demo movie is great for Kickstarter or other crowd funding routes.

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Test your screenplays

One of the hardest parts of the screenwriter’s craft is learning how the words on the page will come out on the screen. Moviestorm allows you to try out your scripts and see how well they work when they’re filmed. It’s a handy tool for writer/directors, and it’s a great way for writers to increase their understanding of what directors and editors need.

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Make low-budget animations

For some creative tasks, you don’t need to use slow, expensive high-end tools. Moviestorm can provide a fast, cheap alternative for a variety of your animation needs. It has been used for children’s television, music video, computer games, commercials and corporate videos.

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Make movies with a zero budget

Moviestorm includes all the tools you need to make movies. The rest is up to you. It will take time, talent and persistence to create your masterpiece, but even a beginner can make an impressive movie. Make anything from drama, comedy and horror to music videos, video blogs or animated greeting cards.

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Practice basic filmmaking techniques

The best way to develop your techniques, like any creative skill, is to practice them over and over, but you rarely get the time or resources to shoot as many films as you’d like. Moviestorm gives you a way to practice and experiment in your own time, whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Don’t worry about cast, crew, locations, or equipment, and take as many reshoots as you like.

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Get noticed!

When you’ve made your movie, that’s just the start of it. Post it online, tell the world, and start a buzz. Top Moviestorm filmmakers have had their movies shown in prestigious film festivals around the world and have won awards.

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Film complex scenes you can't do in live action

Moviestorm enables you to shoot scenes that would be impractical on a student budget, such as crowd scenes, exotic and iconic locations, dangerous stunt and action sequences, or simply closing off a city street. No hassle with permits, safety, or logistics - just film everything in a virtual world.

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