Film complex scenes you can’t do in live action


Film complex scenes you can’t do in live action

When you’re making movies in film school, you’re operating under a lot of constraints.

You have to work fast, you’re on a budget, you don’t have the luxury of exotic location shoots or elaborate sets, and safety concerns make it impractical to do anything that would require a stunt crew.


This means that there are a lot of movies you can’t make, and a lot of skills you don’t normally get to practice. Although filming something like an action scene in real life is very different to filming it in animation, using Moviestorm you can learn a lot about the cinematography, editing and sound involved.

Moviestorm’s virtual film studio technology means that you’re not bound by what’s easily available to you. You can expand your creative aspirations and shoot as if you had a real budget.


Getting the best from Moviestorm

Take advantage of the things you can do easily in animation:

  • Have as many extras as you like. Whether they’re passers-by in the streets, diners in a restaurant, or supporters at a political rally, they’ll add interest to your movies and provide new ways of filming the same scenes. And you can keep them waiting around for as many retakes as you like without any complaints!

  • Film wherever you want. Think beyond whatever’s on your doorstep. Shoot scenes in foreign countries, in the White House, or on alien planets. Or, closer to home, film in busy city streets without needing a permit. What’s more, you can easily get night shots, and control the weather.

  • Cast whoever you need. You don’t have to base your story around your friends. As long as you can find voice talent, you can cast people of any age or ethnicity. Or, if you’re feeling daring, create a celebrity look-alike in the Character Workshop and have your dream cast.

  • Film action and stunt scenes. You can easily get chases, vehicle sequences, fights, falls, fires and explosions. It won’t cost you anything except time, and safety isn’t a problem.

  • Get helicopter and crane shots. You don’t need expensive camera rigs to get incredible shots. Just place the virtual camera wherever you want it, and move it however you like. You don’t need to worry about putting the camera crew in danger either, even if you put them right in the middle of a car chase! 


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