Education Benefits


Education Benefits

A simple to use end-to-end video production tool, Moviestorm offers a huge number of benefits to teachers and students looking for fast and high quality filmmaking.


Film schools and media courses

Moviestorm will empower your students like no other tool. They will be able to visualise their scripts and shoot complex scenes that would have been impossible without budget, crew or cast. They can be the whole film crew and develop their personal film making skills, whilst pre-vizualising their script will lead to cost savings in both production and pre-production.

Download our free e-books: The Moviestorm guide to previsualisation

Download our free e-books: Making Better Movies with Moviestorm Vol 1: Basic Camerawork


Useful for almost any course or subject. Visionary educators are finding more and more ways to include animation and multimedia in their teaching methods.

Download our free e-book: Using Animation in Schools – a practical handbook for teachers

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No filmmaking skills required to get going

Films can be as simple as one avatar presenting to camera with a presentation screen to carry messages, images and video.

Higher production values

Enhancing the viewer’s enjoyment of the film lesson.


Automated functionality and stock assets mean that videos can take little longer than the time it takes to record the speech, or just one hour per minute for complex stories with high production values.

No logistical limitations

No locations to source, lighting and sound to manage, actors to source, cameras to hire, production team to organise …or budget required.

Standalone, or part of a toolchain

Moviestorm is a complete solution, or be integrated into other filmmaking solutions.


Moviestorm provides thousands of assets as part of yourEducation licence, but you are not limited to those. You can import other assets that you either make or source.

Special needs

Ideal for students with learning difficulties who have problems expressing themselves through text or in front of a class.

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Collaborative learning 

Enables students to work together in projects, taking on different recognised production roles, which promotes teamwork and helps them to develop their multimedia and filmmaking skills.

Download our free e-book: Making Movies with Moviestorm: a guide for schools

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Free resource sharing

Designed with schools in mind and includes free downloadable resources to help you and your students get started. Our development team works closely with teachers worldwide to ensure that Moviestorm meets your needs.

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Enormous potential that other filmmaking solutions do not – existing video projects can be changed over time, adapted for other subjects (such as translating) and shared (creating a resource of adaptable videos).

Varied output options

Videos can be viewed live as a project file in Moviestorm (where changes can be directly made), as a rendered video, or as a series of stills.

Suitable for younger ages 

We also provide a version of the software with content to suit a younger audience.  With the explorative games-style interface, children of all ages have found Moviestorm to be compelling and fun way to express themselves.

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Encourages storytelling

Recognised as a beneficial teaching technique, Moviestorm develops creative expression, enabling students to find a voice using film as an alternative to existing solutions, such as writing.

Users can ‘hide’ behind an avatar

Offering benefits to timid presenters, and reducing viewer bias.