Installation & Update Instructions


Windows Installation Instructions

1 Download Moviestorm

  • The Moviestorm Installer for Windows will start to download automatically in a few seconds.

  • Save the file to a suitable folder (Right).


PC_Download - 1.png

2 Follow the instructions on the installer

  • Open the downloaded .exe to initiate the Setup Wizard.

  • Accept the License Agreement.

  • Select your installation preferences, as appropriate.

  • Moviestorm will then start to install.

  • When completed, you may review the Release Notes.

N.B. Vista & Windows 7 users will need to ‘Allow’ the Moviestorm installation process.

PC_Installer - 2.jpg

3 Start the Moviestorm Launcher

  • The Moviestorm Launcher should automatically start up.

  • Log in by entering your Username and Password.

  • If you do not have an account, follow the link and register (you will need to verify your email address).

  • Return to the Launcher and complete your login.

  • The Launcher will automatically download all files required to run Moviestorm.

  • When downloading is complete, click Start.

PC_Launcher - 3.jpg


Upgrading older Windows Education versions

Moviestorm Education does not update automatically.

To update Education Unlimited or Education Junior, you need to download the full installer for the updated Moviestorm Education version from one of our download pages:

The Windows installer can be installed over an existing Moviestorm Education install of the same sort (Unlimited or Junior). This preserves any mods that users have installed.

Upgrade from Moviestorm Education 1.7.0 to 1.7.1

Download the patch for the Moviestorm Education version you have installed

Start Moviestorm in admin mode, and in the Moviestorm launcher, choose Install a file, then Update Patch, and browse to the patch file you just downloaded, and choose it to install.