Category: Updates

Release 6

Update (a) In the Office, you can now filter scenes by author. The Time Tool now includes a Jog function for replaying the scene forward/back IK poses can now be animated. New mode for working with cameras: Through The Lens Early but incomplete implementation of shot blending and camera keyframes New ‘wrist-back’ location for the […]

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Release 3

Update (a) Improved waypoint paths Simple posing of puppets Fixes: Cannot create a new scene with an old name (4490) Projects open unexpectedly (4492) Library menu should not show in the Office (4494) Update (b) Very early rough stage for the Landestheater Linz Removed several tools accidentally included: Puppeteer (retired) and Sketcher (WIP) Fixed issue […]

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Release 2

Update (a) Vehicles and Pedestrians Waypoint Paths Basic Cameras Simple Timeline Transport Controls Choice of Stages Update (b) Cameras should now work in Old Town Fixed issue with pointer click acting outside initial element Issue with login focus fixed Update (c) Fixed issue with walk paths being accidentally duplicated

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