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Moviestorm presenting the ‘Previsualisierung von Bühnenbildern’ using FirstStage to the OETHG

Moviestorm will being doing a live demonstration and presenting the ‘Previsualisierung von Bühnenbildern’ using FirstStage at the OETHG (Austrian Theater Technology Society) annual meeting in Salzburg, from 4 to 5 March 2020. Thanks to an introduction from Frank Suttheimer of Landestheater Linz, we have warmly accepted an invitation from Sonya Blackwell of OETHG to demo […]

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Release 18

Physics Synthesizing animation with rigid body physics and ragdolls has been much improved (yet there is still much to do). You can enable physics from the Inspector panel on the WristPad. When physics is enabled, things will collide with each other and bounce off each other. Puppets also have simple physics behaviour and their limbs […]

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