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Papworth Trust

David Martin is Director of Strategy and Marketing for Papworth Trust, a leading disability charity based in the UK.

Good, clear communications have always been at the heart of David Martin’s professional life.


He started as a journalist, working on a number of regional newspapers, before becoming a TV and radio reporter for the BBC. Four years ago, David joined the fast-growing charity Papworth Trust which provides a range of services across the East of England. David has been instrumental in transforming the local and national profile.

They turned to Moviestorm to help their 550 staff better understand the charity’s plans for the future.

Communicating your future strategy to your staff is one of the single biggest challenges facing any 21st century manager.

“The word strategy tends to switch most people off straightaway,” explains David. “And when you have got less than an hour to bring alive all of your ideas and proposals for the next five years, you know you are up against it.”

Moviestorm created the sparkle dust. And they gave us a tool that helped us capture everything from a 100 page plus strategy document into a compelling four minute video that actually made people sit up and take notice

That’s when David turned to Moviestorm. “I knew I needed to try something completely different if I was going to bring our future plans alive for our staff“ said David. “We are 94 years-old. Some of our staff still see us as a traditional charity. The reality is that we have doubled in size over the last five years and there will be more of the same in the future. I wanted our staff to see us as game-changing, 21st century and forward looking. The first word of feedback from one of our Trustees was aspirational. That’s why I wanted to use Moviestorm as an integral part of our Strategy sessions. I wanted our staff to go wow about what we plan to do. Moviestorm delivered the wow-factor for us.

For his first video, David engaged Moviestorm to do the actual production based on his script and storyboard. “As someone who had worked for the BBC for 12 years, I had pretty high expectations,” said David. “Moviestorm exceeded those expectations and more.”



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 “Working with Moviestorm gave us much more flexibility than a traditional video. We were able to make late changes to reflect the different audiences for the film with crashing the schedules. And working for a charity where every penny has to work hard to make a real difference to the lives of disabled people, cost-effectiveness was critical. Moviestorm delivered on that in spades.”

Our Moviestorm movie created real buzz around our organisation. With video becoming an increasingly important element of digital communications, we now want to build our online communications around the Moviestorm concept so that in the future, whether it’s a disabled customer our a Government minister, they can get what we do and how we do it in just four minutes.

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