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Selected Business Movies

Watch some examples of business promotion and tutorials created with Moviestorm

Corporate Communication Solution

A project with Oracle to help them internally promote the benefits of Enterprise 2.0 by creating a fun but factual movie that has proven to be a very compelling form of communication.

“Disclaimer: The products represented here are for illustration purposes”

 Think Industries

Commissioned by Think Industries to create a corporate video in the form of a commercial, explaining what the company does and the clients it does it for. They chose Moviestorm as they needed “something that’s both fast and cost-effective.”

Compelling Brand Engagement and Corporate Communications

With Moviestorm, you can create memorable, engaging and effective brand experiences.

For companies with a global reach, you need to protect your marketing assets in order to deliver consistency across the world. Whether this is to do with ensuring the effective use of your asset management or your other corporate communications, you need to deliver engaging communications that are accessible and understood, by anyone, and on any device. Today’s audience does not read from a training manual or want to go through volumes of text online, they like to be talked to on their terms, and in their kind of language.

With our avatar-based characters, we can help you engage with your audience in a compelling way. You may want to deliver training to employees anywhere in the world, or you may want to put a more personal face to your CRM program. Our characters can speak any language and may be fine tuned to suit any international market, territory or culture. Your video can be produced within very short lead times in comparison with conventional animation, and once finally produced, you may update the video at any time with minimal fuss and expense.

Fujitsu – Magical network solution

We worked with Fujitsu to help them promote the use of their own internal social network by creating a fun and cost effective movie to be broadcast among their employees.

Disclaimer: The tools and practices represented here are for illustration purposes only to display some of the concepts of soc…


Use Moviestorm to create interactive training videos.

Scenes can be simply updated as policy changes, and fully localised for languages and cultural references.

The Papworth Trust

This project was created on behalf of the Papworth Trust. A historic charity dedicated to helping and supporting those with disabilities

Volkswagen Global Innovation Conference @ Mediacom

An animated invite distributed to Volkswagon employees by Mediacom, as part of their Global Innovation Conference preparation.

Whitrow Design – Dixon Proposal

Interior Designers and Architects can bring their normal static 3D models to life, by importing them into Moviestorm and animating characters around the scene, adding dynamic camerawork, that can recreate the human experience early the design process.

Working in Lowbury

An art contribution submission for The Loop Festival in Barcelona, showing the simple use of photographic backdrops to quickly created scenes.