Business Case Studies


Business Communications Case Studies

Audio Analytic – Product infommercials


Dr Chris Mitchell is CEO and Founder of Audio Analytic, company produces software that automatically recognises sounds by means of computer analysis

Audio Analytic needed to create a range of videos that demonstrated how the different sounds they are capable of detecting can be used in various physical security scenarios to alert security operators to crimes or incidents.

“We chose Moviestorm as it was the only way of achieving our objectives at the budgets we wanted while still achieving the sense of realism and control over the finished article that was critical for the videos to be effective.”

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Think Industries – External promotional messaging


Philip Morley is the owner of Think Industries, a leading independent creative agency.

Philip has spent his entire professional life working in the advertising industry. He started as a copywriter at the age of 17, and worked with many of the UK’s leading creative agencies, eventually heading up teams on high profile international accounts such as Volkswagen. Twelve years ago, he founded his own company, Think Industries, based in Cambridge, UK. They recently turned to Moviestorm as a way to help them bring in new business.

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Papworth Trust – Internal company communications


David Martin is Director of Strategy and Marketing for Papworth Trust, a leading disability charity based in the UK.

Good, clear communications have always been at the heart of David Martin’s professional life. He started as a journalist, working on a number of regional newspapers, before becoming a TV and radio reporter for the BBC. Four years ago, David joined the fast-growing charity Papworth Trust which provides a range of services across the East of England. David has been instrumental in transforming the local and national profile.

They turned to Moviestorm to help their 550 staff better understand the charity’s plans for the future.

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Community Education and Healthcare Communication – Educating your audience

Jamie Billingham works as a Health Manager for a group of four First Nations in the Fraser Canyon in British Columbia, Canada.

She’s also a part time community manager for Thoughtstream, a small start up that has created a community engagement platform used in over a third of the school districts in BC and Alberta.

“I see this as having great potential in multiple sectors: education, business, or politics – imagine using it to educate constituents about issues. Really any area that you need to share complex information.

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